1. We did something very similar for the very reasons. In our case one of the developers extended the Jenkins CI Game plugin to hit SONAR. This way the scores are kept in Jenkins and can be queried. I have a build monitor built using Processing and some hardware. It displays team scores and individual leaders. It also hooks into twitter,hipchat and a JIRA activity feed so we can display on a wall board. Great write up. Game On!

    1. Thanks for your comment! I’ve played with the Jenkins CI game and looks really good, it’s great you extended it. Do you have some screenshots or information about that project?

      1. It’s about time I wrote up the details. I might be able get the dev to release his code. He usually wins the game (reset each release) so it is a bit of a perfectionist.

  2. Outstanding work !!!

    Legacy code was an issue for us for a long time and nobody knew how to approach the issue. Introducing gamification solved in three months most of our problems neatly.

    You are inspiring all of us on your daily work. It’s a pleasure working with you.


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