1. Neat! It’s cool to have this way of checking your code quality even if you don’t have a full CI system in place.
    One question, are you using GitHub to host your code? In that case, perhaps you should consider using of the GitHub available integrations (such as Travis CI, Coveralis).

    They support the Jacoco plugin as well (not so sure about Sonar, that’s yet another task in my TODO stack).

    Finally, regarding testing in Spring Boot I think that Unit Testing lost a bit of usefulness against integration tests.
    Currently, there is a lot of “magic” in Spring Boot (JPA repositories, rest interfaces) so the rest of the code is pretty much POJOs and interfaces (that don’t give you much with Unit Tests).

    I’m currently exploring things like this http://docs.spring.io/spring/docs/current/javadoc-api/org/springframework/test/web/client/MockRestServiceServer.html
    which greatly eases the Integration Tests without the need of having “live” servers to interact with.


    1. Author

      Thanks Víctor! Really cool stuff the MockRestServiceServer. Completely agree, coverage should focus in really important things, not just passing through all the code including simple POJOs.
      I had configured Travis in my GitHub repo (really useful), but never heard about Coveralis. Will have a look since I was looking for a cloud version of Sonar without success.


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