The Six Pitfalls of Moving to Microservices

The Six Pitfalls of Moving to Microservices

Microservices are not always the solution

We, as developers, make mistakes. For example, one of the most common ones is thinking that a new technical solution or paradigm will solve all the problems existing in a given Software Project. That won’t happen, but we’ll be tempted anyway to fall into this trap. Microservices Architecture is one of the most popular traps.

When we read about the benefits of Microservices, we may believe that, just by splitting our huge project into smaller pieces and applying some theoretical advice, our ways of working will improve drastically. However, that’s not normally the case: Microservices come with many disadvantages.

A retrospective based on experience

In this talk, I wanted to share some real experience about the problems of moving to Microservices, and how we managed to overcome them with practical solutions. The talk was part of Codemotion Rome 2018 and J On The Beach 2019.

You can find the complete talk in the video below.

Video: The six obstacles of moving to microservices


The talk presents six common pitfalls of moving to microservices and also some advice to overcome them.

  • The Book Reading Cult
  • The Never-Decoupled-Enough Story
  • The Common Patterns Phobia
  • The Buzzwords Syndrome
  • The Agile Trap
  • The Conway's Law Hackers


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